Point deductions set to cut Premier League spending

Premier League clubs will curb their spending at the end of the season, with executives terrified of breaching Premier League profit and sustainability rules and being punished with a points deduction.

The impacts of Everton and Nottingham Forest’s financial breaches have been felt across the English football pyramid with the Premier League spending bubble seeming to have burst.  The 2024 January transfer window spend was just 12.3 percent of January 2023, with Premier League clubs expenditure dropping from more than £780m to just £96m.

The panel responsible for ruling on cases involving financial fair-play breaches has stated that after Everton’s points deduction, the precedent has been set and any side that does not stick within the rules will not get away without losing points.  Nottingham Forest will have their first hearing in the next two weeks, where the ruling on the severity of their punishment will be made.

This has left teams like Newcastle, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Nottingham Forest and Chelsea in a risky position, with any form of investment planned for next season now needed to be funded by player sales.

For more information on the Premier League’s reduced spending go to The Times.

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Dylan Johnson